Litres into Gallon UK Easy Calculator

Convert from litres to the UK gallon and vice versa with GreenBudded simple calculator. This gallons to litres and simple calculator converts and gives you exactly how many litres in an imperial gallon which is used in the UK.

This is very handy especially for British aquarists and fish keepers as it will tell you how many litres of water you need to make up the desired amount in gallons required for your fish tank or aquarium.

Simply enter the value you want to convert and select the appropriate unit (UK gallons or litres). The calculator will instantly provide the equivalent value per the other unit.

How many Litres in a Gallon UK Calculator/Converter

For those times when memorizing numbers isn’t an option, we’ve got you covered! This user-friendly conversion calculator allows you to effortlessly convert between gallons and litres.

How do we calculate UK Gallon to Litres

Conversion Rates: Knowing the Numbers

Here’s a quick reference for conversion rates:

  • 1 UK Gallon (imp gal) = 4.546 Litres (L)
  • 1 Litre (L) = 0.220 UK Gallons (impgal)

Note: Conversion rates for us gallons are slightly different (approximately 1 US gal = 3.78541L).

For those in the UK, this formula wil convert accurately from United Kingdom UK imperial gallon to litres.

Amount in UK Gallon x 4.54609

How do we calculate Litres to Uk Imperial Gallon

we use the simple formula below to convert from litres to UK gallon.

Amount in Litres x 0.219969

How much is 1 Gallon in Litres?

To calculate 1 gallon to litres, using this our simple formula, it is simply;

1 x 4.54609 = 4.55 litres

you can use our calculator above for a quicker result.

Understanding Gallons and Litres

  • Gallons: A unit of volume commonly used in the United States and Canada. There are two main types:
  • US Gallon (US gal): Most prevalent in the US, it’s used for measuring liquids like milk, gasoline, and beverages.
  • Imperial Gallon (imp gal): Primarily used in the United Kingdom and some Commonwealth countries, it’s slightly larger than the US gallon.
  • Litres (L): The metric unit of volume used in most of the world. It’s the base unit of volume in the International System of Units (SI).