Fish Tank Decorations and Accessories (17 New and Unique Ideas)

Fish tank decorations and accessories are additions to your aquarium that give an aesthetic effect and help raise a fish.

If you are a beauty lover, you would want your fish house to look nice too so decorations are necessary.

Are you a busy owner that doesn’t have the needed time to give the required care for your fish? The problem is that you may painfully consider ditching your beloved fish rather than letting it suffer from a lack of care.

This article lists useful accessories (Automatic and manual-driven) that could solve many of your fish-keeping problems- including feeding.

Fish Tank Accessories

1. Natural Driftwood

Fish tank Driftwood

This is a widely used fish tank accessory. It makes your aquarium look natural as a real-life fish habitat. Quiet fish like hiding in driftwood pores.

Driftwood is safe for your fish. Although more treated driftwood is bought in stores, You can save costs by getting it from streams or lakes, and then treating them before adding it to your aquarium to avoid adding parasites and microbes that may harm the fish.

2. Biochemical Sponge Filter

Biochemical Sponge Filter

Biochemical aquarium sponge filter sifts out both microbes and floating particles to make the aquarium water better for the fish. The soft sponge material made of cotton is safe and non-toxic. The filter effectively traps excess fish food and waste, preventing water clouding. The multilayered sponge helps in heavy absorption.

Sponge filters are generally easy to set up in the fish tank clean. Good ones should fit all kinds of aquariums.

This fish tank accessory is important as it helps better the aquarium water quality, making your fish live longer. They are mostly reusable and can be shaped to necessary sizes that fit their needs.

3. Multicolour Aquarium LED Light

Multicolour Aquarium LED Light

This is just another aquarium accessory to improve the aesthetic effect of your fish tank. They usually come in three-colour modes depending on the manufacturer.

4. Electrical Semi-Automatic Aquarium Heater

Semi-Automatic Aquarium Heater

The submersible aquarium heater is an aquarium accessory that maintains fish tank temperature regardless of the external weather condition. Its temperature is adjusted by the owner and is a useful accessory for any aquarium.

5. Automatic Fish Feeder

Automatic Fish Feeder

The automatic fish feeder is very important in fish tank decorations and accessories. It does the work of giving out fish food be it granular, sticks or flat flakes. You just set the time for feeding and it does the work. They work with a plane that adjusts to supply the needed quantity of feed.

This is the best feeding option for your fish, especially for busy owners. The building of this accessory prevents the accumulation of food in the fish tank.

6. Aquarium Siphon Vacuum Water Pump

Aquarium Siphon Vacuum Water Pump

Taking the task of keeping your aquarium clean, The vacuum water pump sucks out waste particles from the aquarium water. It has a hose, a hand pump and a nozzle that can be pointed at the base or at where impurities clog in the floor gravel. A very efficient accessory in cleaning as well as emptying the aquarium. This is a great time saver as it lessons workload.

7. Aquarium Rocks, Stone/Gravel and Sand

Fish tank pebbles, stones and sands are very good additions to aquariums. They’re very effective when it comes to creating a naturalistic and homely feel to fish tanks making them feel like the fish’s original habitat.

Adding gravel and pebbles found in the surroundings is okay only after they’ve been sanitized against harmful microbes, if not commercial rocks are better.

Be careful of sharp stones when picking from the wild.

It is good to note that most rocks have carbon contents that filter into the water, gradually making it hard. This is not bad, especially for those who use very soft water.

To test for Calcium contents in rocks, use a liquid nitrate test kit for aquariums.

8. Wild Fish Friendly Aquarium Clear Water Conditioner

Aquarium Clear Water Conditioner nullifies the effect of metals, toxins, algae, and chlorine. Made of non-harmful materials to clear water cloudiness and turbidity. It acts quickly on introduction to the tank.

Decorations for fish tanks and side accessories

1. Caves

Fish Tank Decorations and Accessories

Caves serve as great hiding spots for playful fish. Fish run into caves when they feel threatened or shy. 

Nocturnal fish like catfish and plecos are cave dwellers coming out only when dark to feed.

So, adding caves bolsters your fish territory making them feel comfortable and secure.

2. Ruins, sunken treasure shipwrecks


Artificial Ships give comforting hideouts to prey fish ensuring security.

Ancient ruins are fish tank accessories that are nice in mermaid-background aquariums and also create hiding spots for fish.

Sunken ships create natural sea themes and fit well with most fish tank designs.

3. Bubble Makers

bubble makers

Bubble makers and underwater air stones are useful aquarium decorations for well-stocked fish tanks.

They give more oxygen supply to single tanks containing much active fish.

4.      Fish Tank Backgrounds and Themes

fish Tank Backgrounds

Aquarium themes add to the beauty of any tank. 

Poster backgrounds (flat, 2D pieces pasted on tanks) and structured backgrounds (3D, textured wallpapers) make aquariums feel real to fish. They are also satisfying to owners who appreciate beauty,

They should be fastened to the tank with gel or silicone and allowed for two days before adding water and fish.

Things to note when picking Fish Tank Decorations and Accessories

1. Aquarium Size

Decorations are beautiful but stuffing your tank with these is ugly. Over-stacked decorations limit space for fish movement.

Better to have one creative addition appreciated by the fish.

It’s more advisable to decorate your aquarium based on the theme in mind. Choosing accessories by themes like treasure wrecks or mermaid themes makes decoration decisions easier.

2.      Height of Aquarium Decorations

Like the real seas, aquatic habitats are divided into upper, middle and lower regions. Fish spend a good time in any of these regions, so leave good space for movement in each.

To effectively distribute space, one or two tall additions that reach the upper region  (based on aquarium size) and a few short ones of about an inch or two at the bottom are okay.

Your fish will adapt better if fish tank decorations align with a kind of pattern.

3. Fish Colour

If the feel of your aquarium is a concern, you can use the colour of your fish as the focal point.

Aquarium designs and decorations either counter or go well with fish colour. If your fish is light-shaded and doesn’t have a strong colour, dull-coloured decorations are okay with them.

Your fish colour should pop against decorations and background.

Generally, your decorations and accessories choice gives the aquarium its theme.

For a natural-themed effect in the fish tank, green plants add good colouring, and gravel and pebbles also complement that.

4. Fish Agility?

Agile and active fish use more oxygen than less active breeds. If you have such fish, accessories like oxygen-producing bubble makers help to provide needed air to maintain an active and healthy fish.

Final Thoughts on Creative Fish Tank Decorations and Accessories

Most Fish tank decorations and accessories like gravel have sharp sides. These are not good for your fish as they can scratch off their scales, and cause wounds that may eventually be infected.

When you’re choosing accessories for your aquarium, ensure that you avoid any that have sharp edges, allowing you to create an attractive aesthetic without risking your fish’s safety.

Remember not to overdo it by stuffing your fish tank with decorations. Just pick a theme, a few aesthetic decorations are okay.

Tell us how your fish tank is decorated and designed in the comments area. Also, join our Facebook community of fish owners. 

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